How to be invincible in BF2 - Single Player

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How to be invincible in BF2 - Single Player

Post by Raging Piggles on Thu Feb 11, 2010 5:09 am

ALMOST Infinite Health For US (available with others too)
Go to My Computer --> Local Disk (C:) --> Program Files --> EA Games --> Battlefield 2 --> mods --> bf2 --> --> soldiers --> Us --> us_light_soldier.tweak
It should open a text document with lots of words and numbers
Scroll down until you find both
ObjectTemplate.armor.maxHitPoints 100
ObjectTemplate.armor.hitPoints 100
Change these to 999999999 or any other number (higher the number, stronger you will be)
Save the file as exactly the same as it was
Do the same with the US_HEAVY_SOLDIER.tweak as well
Start up BF2 and go to single player.

-If you select the US team you should be pretty much invincible, although if you are in a vehicle and it gets destroyed you will die too
-This can also be done for every other team (ch, eu, mec)

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